Melanie Gapany

Marketing Materials – Joorney Business Plans

Portfolio Categories: Design and Marketing.

I began working with Joorney soon after the company was founded. The company provides business plan writing services, and specializes in immigrant investor visa business plans for immigration purposes. I provided mostly proofreading services on an on-going basis, but also provided design and copywriting services for the company as it positioned itself in its market.
My contributions played a direct role in the establishment of the brand’s identity, and included copy and design of web and display ads, flyers for special events, and the design of the company’s pricing and product brochure, in addition to other marketing materials such as business cards, and banner ads.
As the company’s service portfolio grew, my services extended to include document design as well as contract work for clients to whom Joorney would provide a full service. I also contributed to the redesign of the company’s website, which, in its current iteration, still features the design which I created for the company in addition to the copy which I contributed as well.