Melanie Gapany

Advertorials: A-Studio Sponsored Content

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Occasionally, local businesses would reach out to Miami Alive to have us provide advertorials for them on our site and media outlets. These Advertorials were always a touchy subject; while we wanted to remain true to local opinion and avoid ‘selling out’ for a buck, that isn’t always the approach that pays the bills. With Miami Alive, since I was able to have total control over what made it to the reader, I wanted to make sure that when we did post advertorials, that we were transparent about it, and that they were for something we wanted to support.

This piece for A-Studio headphones was one of my favorites to work on in that aspect. Created by a local designer, they perfectly fit the overall focus of the website.

When things are well made, they posses a certain quality that cannot often be matched by the competition. So, it’s exciting to hear that something coming out of Miami, is bringing with it not only the flashy style typically associated with our magic city, but also top of the line quality and design to match.

So you can imagine our excitement when we were able to get our hands on one of these babies for a test run. Created by young local entrepreneur Christian Iacovelli, the A-Audio studio headphones stand in a class of their own. Inside the box, the headphones gleaned from behind its protective plastic packaging, flaunting its chrome and brushed metal finish like a luxury car, resting its their custom fitted a crocodile leather zippered carrying case. Iacovelli, an Entrepreneurship and Business Management graduate of Babson College, set out to create a studio headphone that delivers “precise sound and versatile utility packed into a fashion forward design that has been seen on designers, athletes, and celebrities alike.” Overall, we would have to say that he achieved.

The A-Audio studio headphone comes about as packed with features as you can expect from luxury headphones, which is to say they aren’t breaking ground in terms in tech, but, what they lack in advanced features, they make up for in details. They feel a tad heavy in your hands, but because they are head hugging and well cushioned, the weight actually helps to make the headphones feel almost as if they are custom fitted. The connectors are all gold-plated, and include a microphone/volume adjustment buttons that worked seamlessly with our Mac, and can be plugged into either each piece. Plus, since each side has a port, a second set of headphones can be plugged into the A-Audios so that music can be shared between two listeners.

In use, they possess an excellent overall bass profile with the Bass setting enabled. While batteries are required, the sound produced is deep and well rounded. However, we found that that the good ole regular no-batteries-needed standard audio setting produced more than enough bass for this reviewer’s need . Combined with the snug fit and excellent coverage of the ear cushions, after 4 days of use, we found ourselves barely even reaching for the mode selector on the side of the right earpiece. And then when we did change settings, it wasn’t for bass.

One surprising feature was the active noise cancellation setting. Having never experienced headphones that provided active noise cancellation, we were quite surprised to notice how drastic the difference is with the feature active. It takes a little bit of getting used to, and we’re not quite sure what kind of magic is at hand here, but as soon as the ANC is turned on, the headphones emit a sort of inaudible frequency that cancels out outside noises. While we don’t see ourselves using the ANC setting on a day to day basis, we do expect to be making use of it during our next trip.

Our only negative remark is the fact that the chrome finish on the headphones need frequent polishing. Oils from fingertips seem to turn the silver darker, which we actually prefer to the flash of the chrome. But a cleaning cloth is included, and polishing is just a simple wipe down, so keeping them clean doesn’t take too much work. Plus, we got word that an all black model is in the works, and we expect that you wouldn’t run into that problem at all with the darker color way. One thing is for certain, Miami loves music. So we are excited to see the spotlight on Miami for advances in music technology.

For more information on the A-Audio headphones, head over to their website.