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My Phone Almost Killed Me

A few weeks ago, my phone began to act up. It would shut itself off as soon as unplugged, and ghost type messages to random people in my contact. At one point, it even managed to send about 42 of my unread emails into my archive.  C’est la vie. When I took it in, they told me that the battery was swelling, which is not at all scary considering the recent trend of battery explosions. As a “Florida Woman” I take no chances at becoming a potential headline. I have a  ...

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The truck cut me off so quickly I don’t even remember reacting. Something instinctual in me turned the wheel. It was too sharp. As soon as the car went airborne, the first thing I felt was a strange sense of serenity. They always tell you time slows down when these things happen, and for once,  ...

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Bacon, you delicious creation. Today, on National Writing Day, I will honor you, with haikus. I nachos and burgers and loaded baked potatoes without bacon? NO! II I think of your curls those lusty greasy ribbons you give pig purpose III you, in the morning release your succulent air in my mouth  ...

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