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Old Writing: PASE ROCK @ DANCERS ROYAL 03.25.08

The Myspace mention is laughable, the artists are out of date, my descriptive writing needed work but its fun to see how my writing has changed over the years. Oh to be young and ignorant again. Its also inspiring, and a good way to urge me to write more, something that I admittedly have been slacking on lately. At any rate, without further ado, here is the review published in 2008 for Smile for Camera…. (header image by Melanie Gapany) WMC Spring Training Day 2: Pase Rock @  ...

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Photography – The Collection #1: Sophie

Back when we were shooting photos as Miami Alive, I was able to pull off these incredible photoshoots with the help of some of my amazingly talented friends. This series was my first time actually putting together a full on shoot, including location scouting and wardrobe planning. It was also my first attempt at making a cinemagraph, which I was admittedly obsessed with at the time. Overall, I am still very satisfied with these images, and felt that they deserved a new home now that Miami  ...

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On Reading My Own Short Story in Penduline Press

An older shotgun fiction I wrote as part of a college assignment was published in Penduline press a couple of years ago. Sure, the final product that actually made it into the small digital literary magazine was nothing close to the original work that was submitted for credit, but the bones were definitely the same. Recently,  I found not only the link for the online story, which you too can read here, but also the original story as it was written for class (an subsequently originally  ...

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The truck cut me off so quickly I don’t even remember reacting. Something instinctual in me turned the wheel. It was too sharp. As soon as the car went airborne, the first thing I felt was a strange sense of serenity. They always tell you time slows down when these things happen, and for once, they are right. Time slows down, sounds cease, and everything is surrounded in weightlessness. I knew it was rolling onto its side because I felt my hair shifting across my back. Strand by strand the  ...

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