Nothing to Write Home About

Whenever I watch any of the arguably horrible television shows that entertain me, I always have to tell myself why I even bother watching these things. The acting is always over the top (although I  have mastered that breathy, punctuated, “Im lecturing you” delivery Shonda Rhimes is well known for) and the background stories for many of these characters are seldom believable. Yet, Im always dumbfounded at the capability of television writers to come up with these incredibly complex stories, whereas I, a real like person with real life idiosyncrasies, have the hardest time coming up with subject matter to write home about.

Sure, things happens; but whether they are worthy of a essay or an article is well beyond me. As readers, we tend to believe that writers are capable of just putting pen to paper and making magic happen, but as writers, we know that is seldom the case. Instead, many of us will produce mostly adequate content while we wait that one true spark of inspiration to hit in so that we can create something great.

I for one, feel as though I am still waiting, and doing so by taking in as much as I can; oodles of data that I may later be able to convert into thoughts. The problem is, waiting for inspiration to strike is disheartening, and it often doesn’t happen on its own. Because of this, we get bogged down by the inability to find our spark, and shy further away from the act of doing. When we do this, we make it harder to pick ourselves back up and start again, overcome with fear and overwhelmed by doubt.

It’s the same kind of thing that goes on in your head when you lose your job. From one day to the next, your efficacy and success can be challenged, and you it become hard to stay positive about your outlook. So you fret, you remain upset, and with each unanswered job application, the negativity of it increasingly affect other aspects of your life, and soon, you start thinking that you’re unhireable. Think that way long enough, and you will be.

So while I may have nothing of value to write home about at the moment, I will keep sending these letters, in the hope that soon, I’ll encroach on an idea that is just too enticing to put down. I have no intention of giving up, or slowing down.

Image by Scott Webb