Old Writing: PASE ROCK @ DANCERS ROYAL 03.25.08

The Myspace mention is laughable, the artists are out of date, my descriptive writing needed work but its fun to see how my writing has changed over the years. Oh to be young and ignorant again. Its also inspiring, and a good way to urge me to write more, something that I admittedly have been slacking on lately.

At any rate, without further ado, here is the review published in 2008 for Smile for Camera….
(header image by Melanie Gapany)

WMC Spring Training Day 2: Pase Rock @ Dancer’s Royale
March 25, 2008 – Orlando, FL

We get three to four hours of sleep on Monday night, stumble out of bed and drive to work in a drunken daze. From nine to five, we sit at our desks, our cubicles, our counters, and try our hardest to keep our foreheads from slamming onto our keyboards or registers or whatever. We count the minutes till we sit in I-4 traffic, eyes glazed over, and dream of the nap we desperately need to take while a puddle of drool from forms at our chins. We wake up and it’s Tuesday night, and day two of Orlando’s spring training week.

MYSPACE was all-abuzz during the day. Everyone was looking forward to what was undoubtedly going to be, to say the very least, the most interesting show of the week. Now, while it’s common knowledge that taking your panties off and showing that baby rat is the right thing for a lady to do in a strip club, it’s also recently become the phrase that has made PASE ROCK a name that is synonymous with what can only be termed as “dance-rap”. The two go hand in hand and so it only made sense that Pase Rock’s Orlando performance took place at one of Orlando’s most reputable, adult entertainment venues, DANCERS ROYALE.

A constant collaborator with the Spank Rock crew, Pase Rock, made his way onto the scene from Cincinnati, where while attending high school, he met the men that would come together to make the FIVE DEEZ crew, Fat Jon, Kyle David and Sonic. His style is versatile, and quite interesting, and seemed almost too perfect for the setting that night.

This was a night unlike any other. For starters neither Pase Rock, nor his opener, Saturday/Thursday resident Dj MISS FIT were spinning for a group of sweaty drunk dancing fools from behind turntables, and instead, sitting in the strip club’s sound booth, were providing the soundtrack for the bevy of boobs gyrating on the club floor. Regardless both made their presence strongly felt, breaking away from regular, tried and played strip club musical rotations, to give the girls a soundtrack that is a little more colorful and flavorful to make their money to.

Of course, the girls took over the night. The only thing that could be argued, is whether it’s fair to consider this entertainment for boys only. While the look on most of their faces were those of kids at Christmas morning, the girls, all the girls, not just the almost naked ones, made their own fun, and claimed the night for themselves. While it’s one thing to party with the scantily clad women who pour downtown every week, that night, there was much more to be admired, obviously, and, even with Orlando’s ban on all nude dancing, the room was erotic, excited and ecstatic.

The party continued outside, and Pase Rock’s big city influence must’ve had an effect on all of us. After correcting the spelling of Pase Rock’s name on the bill outside, we made our way to an after party that didn’t last very long. It is, after all, only Tuesday, and the majority of us ‘downtown kids’ have actual jobs.