Miami Alive: 2009-2016

miami aliveWhen I first moved to Miami, I was 8 and I had no idea what I doing. By 16, nothing had changed, except that my poor choice in friend-making had led to me also develop a burning dislike of my hometown. Like many teens, I wanted out, I wanted ‘anywhere but here’, and at 20 I got it. Granted, I didn’t go far, but apparently, 205 miles away is far enough to get a better view, 4 hours of drive time is enough fall in love in again.Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.55.44 PM

Four years later, when I returned to Miami, I saw the city differently. I had traveled to other places, and tried many new things, but none compared to home, the Magic City.Around 2009, looking for an outlet for my creative endeavors and some real world experience, I started Miami Alive with my friends, and we set out to capture the essence of the city by showcasing the best from music, culture, and nightlife.

Although Miami Alive is no longer online, my love for the 305 and everything Miami hasn’t gone anywhere, and I’m still brainstorming ways to share Miami with the parts of the world that think of us as nothing more than just “South Beach”.

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