Recently, we’ve welcomed a new puppy into our home. Brisket, as we have come to call him, is supposedly a mix between a Lancashire Heeler and a Chihuahua…or so we think.
Over time, the longer the little thing lives with us, the more I have come to entertain the idea that maybe he is fact part pig, part dog, part fox and part vuvuzela.

What I have realized, is that taking a young dog into home is is much more a work put in than a reward that you enjoy, at least during those crucial breaking in days. For the first few months at least, no matter how small the animal, your patience is tried, your scheduling ability is challenged, and the idea of “quiet” becomes a thing that you can only hope to obtain in your dreams.

Now, I find myself more capable of getting things done while at the office than at home, which saddens me because until recently it was definitely the other way around.Now, more than ever, I have to really dedicate myself to the work that needs to be done. Between the school books, the Miami Alive writing, the photo editing, the paper writing, the cookie making and photobooth for this weekend’s event there is little time for myself.

But, as I always say “it is what it is” and I need to just buck up and get it all done. Thank goodness for Google, btw, or I would not be able to accomplish anything.