It’s a Mad World – Obamapolean

NewsweekLogo-1 [Converted]Back in the days of my Livejournal and Blogger, I used to recap current events and random finds I found worthy. Not only did it serve as an outlet for me to voice my opinions and ideas about things, but it also offered a unique opportunity to reach out to people and organizations that would otherwise fall outside of my scope of interests, at least as far as my various websites are concerned.

Take politics for example. Not ever would you find me openly discussing my political views. It’s just not who I am or how I operate. But upon Obama’s victory over the GOP on Tuesday, Newsweek released their latest issue featuring our Nation’s first African American President on it’s cover.

I’ll be honest, when I first read it, my reaction was “no big deal”, I was definitely not surprised. But then I realized that they opted to dress him as Napoleon, and titled the issue “The Obama Conquest”. Not for nothing, but Napoleon isn’t exactly the greatest of human. As the Huffington Post mentioned:

“Obama’s supporters could remember the famed Napoleonic Code, which marked a great leap forward in civil law. His detractors could remember all of that invading and emperor business, along with an exile to Elba and defeats by the British.”

Oh Newsweek, for a respected news rack fixture with a history as robust as yours, you sure are always trying to start beef with the President. We have not forgotten your bold claims that Mr. Obama is our nations “First Gay President” (how could we ever forget the horrible Photoshop fail that was that rainbow halo?). I don’t mean that you are attempting to start a fight with the President, but instead you are using the president as a tool with which to stir conversation.

To that I say, Kudos to you, but be vigilant, Newsweek. There is a fine line between stirring a conversation and causing a controversy, and you are treading quite dangerously on its edge.

Also, this.

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