‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ or ‘Old Spice and Wit’

It aired during the Superbowl, which in itself is a clever move, and has now become one of the most recognizable bits on youtube. Knowing full well that it’s halftime in one of the nation’s most watched sporting events, Old Spice clearly made a smart move. While 90% of the men in country have been shouting, jumping, fist pumping at the screen in a display of Neanderthalish fervor, the women in the country, who in most cases are also the purchasing authority for domestic goods, were treated to a game of their own.

The spot is clear in it’s message: Ladies, when your man smells like a man, you get treated like a woman. Aside from being hilarious they become immediately highly effective.

Since launching its latest campaign with Mustafa, Old spice sales are up 107%. Look at that number again, now look at your profit margins, now look at that number again.

Pow. That’s good marketing.

So it stands that sandwiched between pecs and sarcastic writing, is one of the most successful advertising campaigns I’ve seen hit the mainstream. In what has become a viral sensation, Isaiah Mustafa (whose name, by the way, screams manliness) delivers one of my favorite television performances since….

Bruce Campbell for Old Spice..

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